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The Care and Well-being of Dogs


Why Should I Get a Dog?-Top Reasons


Having a dog in the home can be surprisingly beneficial. Some people wonder, “Why should I get a dog?” Who does not want to wake up to a smiling face and wagging tail? There are psychological and health benefits to owning a furry friend. More importantly, happiness and enjoyment are the best benefits of all. Dogs can certainly change your life for the better.

Keeping Fit

Your dog would definitely want daily walks and exercise. This would automatically give you exercise as well. Most people walk their dog for at least 30 minutes. There is your daily exercise without even thinking about it. Dog owners become more active overall. I take my dog to the park daily to walk through the grass, stroll along the pathways and play frisbee. This actually gets me walking around as well. Otherwise, I could easily just be sitting on the couch in front of a TV.dog walking

Some people ride their bikes with their dog alongside them. Another great way for both owner and dog to keep active. It is definitely more motivating to get out there and exercise when your furry friend is with you. There are different types of breeds for different levels of activity level. For example, if you enjoy jogging, a border collie would suit you well, however if you’re not too active, a less functioning breed would be better such as a bulldog.

Lower Blood Pressure and Help with Depression

Many people are diagnosed with depression and anxiety which affect their daily lives. Dogs can help with anxiety, depression and blood pressure. While there are several medications to help with these problems, I have heard many stories from others who benefited from having a dog by their side. Sometimes people try medications, vitamins, teas, and other methods to help with depression but none of them really do the job. Dogs have had such impressions on people that is it seems to be the missing link to their mental health.

Dogs can bring a whole new outlook to life from those that are seeking comfort. Sure, you will still have some lowered you feel sad or anxious, however your furry friend can help manage those feelings. Sometimes you just need that special friend wagging their tail as you walk through that door.

Blood pressure can be lowered simply by petting your dog. It lowers your heart rate. They can help us relax after a stressful day at work. Plus, pets can do some funny things that keep us laughing which is why we love them!

A Dog’s Love and Dedication

We have all heard those stories of a dog traveling many miles to find its home when it was lost. It is so amazing how a dog will not forget where they came from and how to get back. That shows the dedication they have for their owner.

Rescuing a dog from a shelter or unstable situation can provide a special bond with you and your dog. You have heard the saying, “Who rescued who?” It is a very meaningful thought and as a result of it, the dog becomes the one who changes the life of its owner versus the opposite. Years later, you wonder how your life would be without that special friend.

Dogs are also a great companion for the elderly. Many have said the elderly feel more satisfied in life emotionally and physically by having a dog than without one.dog love

Had a hard, stressful day at work? Coming home to a cheerful dog that missed you all day, can certainly reduce your stress level. They help you forget all the aggravating people you dealt with that day. Jobs that allow you to bring your dog to work is even a better situation. It can tremendously help with lowering any stress you are dealing with. Simply petting your dog can create a better mood before starting a project or assignment.

Your Life Could Be Saved

Some dogs can discover a lump or cancer in a human body. They can sniff around and find the cancerous mole or lump. Dogs have even been trained to specifically detect cancer within hours! They have smell receptors 25 times stronger than humans. Dogs may also be able to sniff out cancerous cells simply through a human’s breath. What an unexpected surprise that comes along with owning a dog!

Feeling Safer

dog barkDogs are great for protecting us whether it be at home or on the go. They can sniff out a prowler or stranger at the door. Dogs have a good sense if a person is “good” or “bad”. It is their natural instincts that come to play. The barking alone is usually good enough for a burglar to turn back. It is like having our own security system. I know I always feel safer at home with my dog around.

Being More Social

If you have a dog, it is more likely you will be out doing things with your companion. It definitely gives someone the opportunity to stop and converse with you about your dog. Dogs usually attract some type of attention and they always make for good conversation. Hey, you may even get a date showing off your dog!


One of the tops reasons for getting a dog is loyalty. Your friend will be devoted to you and your family forever. They will be there to make you smile, laugh and even be silly. Dogs see their human owners as part of their pack and will be a companion for life.

Responsibility And Love
dog love

Be sure you want the responsibility of owning a dog. They are a lot of work, however, I can tell you how rewarding it is to have a dog that will love you no matter what! Your dog will feel a sense of belonging and purpose in your life. It is a special treat to have the love, happiness and laughter around you on a daily basis. Dogs share a bond with us that is challenging to duplicate with people.

Please feel free to comment below or share how owning a dog changed your life. Thank you for reading!